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About GD Oils

Our story

Dear reader,

Our natural products and formulas are made with a mission. GD OILS AMSTERDAM was founded 3 years ago after I started looking for an alternative to the regular medicines for my daughter because of nerve pains, trouble sleeping and anxiety. After years of searching and trying I have found that the combination of regular medication with CBD oil reduces the pain for my daughter. That is how the search for the best CBD oil for my daughter started.

In collaboration with Holland Labs, we have developed and improved our formula. We developed CBD oil without THC. THC free CBD oil is unique. This means that all people can benefit from it, without the risk of a drug test responding positively.

All our products can be traced back to the source and give a no-nonsense overview of the ingredients and its effects. Easy, understandable and always with high quality (GMP certified). 

The CBD oil is produced by Holland Labs, Roseburg Oregon in the USA. Holland Labs works under GMP certificate: GOOD MANUFACTERING PRACTICES FOR CBD. In May, GD OILS AMSTERDAM will start selling the CBD oil in Europe. In March, we will start selling the CBD oil in Canada and the USA.

Together with Michel Sturing, Co-founder of GD OILS AMSTERDAM and responsible for all artwork, we believe we can reach a lot of people. The idea started with finding the right medication for our daughter Julia. 

Our mission: together with a couple of nice people we developed THC FREE CBD OIL for a large group of people that we hope will benefit greatly from it.

Warm regards,

Madeleine Lubberink

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